Sadé  De Amor


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I'm a sexually liberated Professional and Lifestyle Switch and Certified Urban Tantra®️ Tantric Practitioner helping others reclaim their sexual liberation by creating space for people to be themselves...whether that's sharing sex stories or giving advice on how to express desires to a partner or allowing space for consensual BDSM play or tantric healing. The way I see it....helping others pursue and embrace their sexual liberation journey can only have a positive impact on our society. And, I would love to touch the lives of countless women and men especially in the communities of color where (for the most part) simply talking about sex is still considered taboo let alone BDSM and Tantra. 

So, let's get started on helping overcome these taboos!

At The Dominion and a number of well-respected spaces...

I love being a Professional Switch and being able to engage in both Dominant and Submissive roles. BDSM is about exploration and expression and I'm ready to explore and express with you in a safe space!

I'm no ordinary Switch..


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